Essentials of Assembling and using the Mechanical Seals:
1. The radial skip of the equipment spinning axle shall be < =0.04mm.The axial flee shall be   

2. Keep the seat and the chamber sealed clean during the installation, clean the sealing fittings and   check for perfect sealing surfaces. Keep the sealed positions away from the impurity and dust.

3. Any stroke, collision and knocking are strictly forbidden to avoid the failure of the seals due to the damage by above-mentioned rough operations.

4. Put some clean oil (recommend to use soap water ) on the surfaces which are in contact with the secondary seals .

5. Give a uniform force to the screws while tightening them up during the assembling of the static ring gland to ensure verticality of the ring surface to the axis of the axle

6. Push the rotating ring with your hand after installation and make it possible to move freely on the axle and elastic laceration degree.

7. Turn the spinning axle by the hand wheel after assembling to make sure that the axle spins with neither fatigue nor extra ease.

8. The equipment shall be filled with mediums before it is put into operation so as to avoid the failure of the seals due to dry friction.

9. Corresponding medium, such as washing, filtering and cooling shall be taken when the temperature of the mediums that may be easily crystallized or granulated exceeds > 80℃, As to the other auxiliary systems, refer to the relevant standards on the mechanical seals.
10. Should have the shaft run by hand after stopping running for a long time , which can prevent mechanical seals from damage due to the adsorb of the sealing faces or the clog of the seals.